Catrinel Bartolomeu

Catrinel Bartolomeu

Head of Editorial, Duarte

I’ve run marketing & content for SaaS companies, brands, and agencies. I cover marketing, SaaS, SEO, creativity, technology, growth, & future trends. I’ve got the business insight my competitors lack.

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Financial Woes Wreak Havoc on Health

Reporting on new statistics from the Institute for Women's Policy Research.

New Faces on the Most Powerful Women in Business List.

Who are the new big players and what are the secrets of their success?

Macho Money: The Wage Gap

Reporting on a new study on the wage gap.

Child Support Shaming

Reporting on states that shame child-support evaders.

Nebraska Safe Haven Law Offers Parental Great Escape

Reporting on Nebraska's safe haven law.

Where are the Nerdettes? Female Computer Scientists Disappear.

Reporting on a new study that shows that fewer girls than ever before are taking computer science.

Should Sarah Palin's Pumps Matter?

A humorous look at political wardrobe choices.

The Science of Love

A new report details the role of social cues.

Grandma's Rule!

The financial advice your grandma gave you is probably right.

Breaking down Palin's RNC speech

What did Sarah Palin really spend time talking about?

Oprah gets Ad Support from Candidates

Reporting on Oprah on the campaign trail.

Good News for Losers!

A new scientific study reports that people are very good at spotting a fake smile.

More Women Break Through Politics' Glass Ceiling

Rwanda elects a female majority parliament.

Do Women Get the Short end of the Health Insurance Stick?

Reporting on how women's healthcare coverage differs from men's.