Catrinel Bartolomeu

Catrinel Bartolomeu

Head of Editorial, Duarte

I’ve run marketing & content for SaaS companies, brands, and agencies. I cover marketing, SaaS, SEO, creativity, technology, growth, & future trends. I’ve got the business insight my competitors lack.

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New York Magazine

Romanian Graffiti Artists Make Murray Hill Even More Fabulous

The Romanian Cultural Institute flew in three graffiti artists to cover the gallery walls in brightly colored manimals, serpents, and slogans....

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New York Magazine

Siberia Documentary Premieres; Westmoreland Still Searching

The third documentary about beloved dive Siberia features nostalgic, alcohol-drenched glory stories from regulars like Michael Imperioli, Jimmy Fallon, Anthony Bourdain, an array of media types, and,...

New York Magazine

The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts

Though diet trends and fad ingredients come and go, the NGI's mission remains the same: to fatten your recipe book, not your waistline. — Catrinel Bartolomeu....

New York Magazine

Velocity Sports Performance

... and chiropractic services. All trainers have a Bachelors degree in exercise science or have coached at least on the collegiate level. — Catrinel Bartolomeu ......