Catrinel Bartolomeu

Catrinel Bartolomeu

Head of Editorial, Duarte

I’ve run marketing & content for SaaS companies, brands, and agencies. I cover marketing, SaaS, SEO, creativity, technology, growth, & future trends. I’ve got the business insight my competitors lack.

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3 Ways that Advances in Computer Vision will Change Content Marketing Forever

While achievements in the field of computer vision are often so industry specific that progress is hard to see, the developments in the last few weeks have been unequivocally significant: Facebook …...

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5 Simple Insider Tips on How to Buy SaaS

Laziness, properly executed, can actually reap great rewards. In a refreshing counter-narrative to today’s productivity-obsessed culture Hlade’s law states, “if you have a difficult task, giv…...

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Little Things: The Secrets of Viral Content

An interview with Maia McCann, editor-in-chief of Little Things about the secrets of the site's success.

part positive psychology
part predictive algorithms
and ALL knowing your audience.

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A Look Inside Look at Unruly's Emotional Analytics ...

Unruly uses Emotional Analytics to increase engagement. An interview with VP of Marketing Devra Prywes.

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Google’s News Lab: Making Reporters better Marketers and Marketers better Reporters

In a wired world, where everyone’s a content creator, and the commingling of traditional reporting, writing, blogging, and marketing is much discussed, Google is latest to blur the lines. Last mont…...

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For SEOs, a Halloween Surprise: Google Plus Authorship Is UNDEAD again

In a surprising change in direction, Google’s Gary Illyes recommended that webmasters continue to include “authorship markup,” in their source code and not remove it as it may bec…...

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The Guru of Transmedia discusses the Future of Content: Q+A ...

The Guru of Transmedia discusses the Future of Content: A Q&A with Jeff Gomez. By Catrinel BartolomeuJuly 14, 2016Advertising and Media, Q&A, Technology....

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Quality content is correct: future tech helps verify the truth

“An earlier version of this column was published in error. That version included what purported to be an interview that Kanye West gave to a Chicago radio station in which he compared his own derri…...

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How did one company increase sales by 52% using creative ideation?

... did one company increase sales by 52% using creative ideation? By Catrinel BartolomeuMarch 23, 2016Advertising and Media, Content Ideation, Creativity....

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29 Simple Questions to Jumpstart Content Ideation

“It’s easy to write. Just sit in front of your typewriter and bleed.” Ernest Hemingway Ever get stuck? Of course you have, you’re a writer. It’s never always easy. Luckily, writers from Leo Tolstoy…...

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Connect the Unexpected: Drive Content Engagement with this one Simple Tip

The rising demand for good ideas A whopping 99% of content marketers agree that a constant, steady stream of ideas is crucial to content marketing, unfortunately, “nearly 1 in every 2 marketers lac…...

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Avoid the Research Black Hole: Transform your Writing with a solid Research Stack and Method

We humans are seekers. We nurse an innate craving for experience, revelation, and value. We long to unearth diamonds in the rough, discover hidden treasure, or worse, to uncover the truth. Unfortun…...